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We’re changing delivery and home access forever, and we need super talented people (like you!) to do it.

About us

At Glue, you’ll be joining the first company in the world to perform an InHome delivery with a CES award winning Smart Door Lock. The team that made that happen comes from all over the world, and have worked at some of the world’s best tech and hardware firms (think Facebook, Google, Amazon, Dyson and more).

Our growing team of enthusiasts are based in two major  European hubs: London and Stockholm.

We’re a friendly and inclusive bunch of coffee-drinking, biscuit-crunching tech-sperts looking for like-minded individuals to help us change deliveries and home access forever.

In 2016 Glue completed the

First InHome delivery in the world

We’ve helped customers unlock their doors

Over 1.5 million times

Glue Home

Our founders

Diego Oliva & Carl Johan Grandinson

Two former colleagues meeting at a bar and realising they’d both missed a delivery might not seem like a likely start to a business, but our experienced founders did just that. When those two people are Diego, who set up Facebook from scratch in EMEA and sat on the board of JustEat, and Carl Johan co-founder of Tre Kronor Media and a serial entrepreneur, then you realise why! Pretty soon they realised that not only could they make deliveries more convenient, but they could also reduce the cost and environmental impact of the entire industry, and Glue Home was born.

From this simple realisation came a vision to change delivery and home access forever, and just a short time later, Glue Home would perform the world's first InHome delivery.

Glue Teams

Meet our teams

Wei Shen-Cory

Software Engineering Director
Software Engineering at Glue

We’re building some pretty cool, complex stuff here at Glue. Our Software Engineering team are wrestling with microservices, delivery logistics, embedded software and intuitive mobile applications to create a seamless InHome product.

Marie Kyle

Product Director
Product at Glue

Our Product team brings our products to life. Sounds simple, but this means they need to be the experts at bringing together our products (hardware, software), our business needs and most importantly, our users. So if looking at problems from multiple sides, and finding solutions that are backed by data and insight is your thing, then this is the team for you.

Sarah Liddell

Hardware Director
Hardware at Glue

Glue locks are seriously complex pieces of kit, and our hardware team are the brains behind getting all that technology into our sleek design. From design and testing to working with suppliers across the world, the Hardware team brings powerfully secure products right to your door.

Iain Walters

Marketing Director
Marketing at Glue

We think everyone will love Glue Smart Door Locks and Glue InHome once they try it, so it’s important to have a team that advertises, explains and retains people on our platform. From growth to design email to e-commerce, and video to brand, this team is a one-stop creative and marketing shop.

Mark Finch

Partnerships Director
Partnerships and Commerce Glue

Our platform is only as good as the amazing partners who use it. The commercial team negotiates partnerships, and think up brilliant opportunities to help people grow with Glue. They work closely to ensure technical integration and performance is the best it can be so that our delivery partners never have problems. The commercial team also ensures that our locks are stocked in the best stores and consumers get great offers.


Customer Success Manager
Customer Success at Glue

Whenever we do anything here at Glue, the first thing we think about is our lovely customers. We’re dedicated to keeping them happy, and our inhouse customer service team work hard to do just that. Whether helping people use their lock or sorting our InHome deliveries, this team keeps customers in the know and makes sure things go right.

Luisa Orre

People & Finance at Glue

At Glue we believe that hiring the right people, working in an amazing culture and targeting resources in the right place, are the key ingredients to growth. Our Finance wizards focus on helping teams across the business with sustainable resource allocation and accurate and timely reporting and forecasting. Our People team are as passionate about hiring amazing new Gluers (hello!), as they are on building a culture and experience that inspires and motivates everyone to achieve their collective best.

Open Positions

Join our team

Our open job roles are listed below. Think you'd make an amazing Gluer, but can't see a job for you? Send an open application to

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Glue Principles

This is how we Glue it

Trust is key

People using our platform invest a huge amount of trust in Glue. We repay this trust by treating every door as our own, and put users, their needs, security and privacy, first.

Stick together

We support each other's projects, champion each other's successes and work to resolve things together when things go wrong.

Brilliant Delivery

We concentrate on the things that make a delivery brilliant; being on time, planning well and making sure things are perfect when they arrive.

Unlock Success

We are here to unlock success for our customers, users and partners, and we focus on the positive impact we can have on their behalf.

Packed with care

Everything we do, say and make is designed for the long term: products are built to last, our packaging sustainable, we choose long term partnerships with customers and suppliers and we write code that will stand the test of time.