Glue enables your smartphone to become a secure key that opens your door at anytime and from anywhere you are.

The Product

Welcome to your new smart home

24/7 access control to your home, intelligent alerts and secure encrypted technology give you greater peace of mind. No more worries about losing your keys, managing extra keys for guests and hiding keys under the mat.

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Glue is more than a means of unlocking your home without a key; it’s a digital concierge service. A service that enables you to give controlled access to the cleaner, an unscheduled delivery, the babysitter, the handyman or the dog walker at any time from wherever you are.

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Upgrade your existing lock

Glue is designed with simplicity in mind. Without the need of a professional locksmith, simply mount the Glue Smart Lock on the interior side of your existing lock, download the Glue App for iOS or Android and get started.

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2490 SEK

Glue Smart Kit

Glue Smart Lock enables your smartphone to lock and unlock your door, create digital keys for guests and keep track of who comes and goes at anytime.

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