Smart access for your smart home

Glue enables your smartphone to lock and unlock your door, receive InHome deliveries and services while you're away, create digital keys for guests and keep track of who comes and goes at anytime and from anywhere you are.

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How the Glue ecosystem works

Mount Glue Smart Lock on the inside of your existing door lock

✔  Hassle-free installation
✔  Mounted on the inside of the door
✔  Your keys still work
✔  Easily replace the batteries
✔  Bluetooth enabled
✔  Wi-fi Hub for remote unlocking/locking

Your smartphone becomes the key to your home

✔  Open the door with your smartphone
✔  Unlock your door from anywhere
✔  Share permanent and temporary keys
✔  Get notifications when your door is unlocked and locked

Start receiving InHome deliveries

✔  Pre-approve InHome access
✔  Deliveries safely delivered inside
✔  InHome delivery insurance
✔  Video receipt showing the delivery
✔  InHome deliveries of parcels*
✔  MatHem InFridge deliveries*

*in selected areas

Never miss a delivery or go out to pick-up a missed one again

Imagine coming home and your groceries have been delivered to the fridge, your dry cleaning is in the closet, and fresh flowers are on the living room table together with the package from your favourite online store. All conveniently delivered while you were out.

Share digital keys with family and friends

Give out permanent and temporary digital keys to friends, family and trusted service providers in an instant and revoke access privileges as easily with the Glue app. No more worries about losing your keys, managing extra keys for guests and hiding keys under the mat.

Get notifications whenever someone accesses your home

With the Glue app and its instant notifications you always know when your Glue lock is used. Glue’s secure encrypted technology will provide you with greater peace of mind.

What's included with Glue

  • An award-winning Glue Smart Lock & Wi-fi Hub

    Install the Glue Smart Lock and the Wi-fi Hub to open your door from anywhere. 

  • Lock and unlock your door with your smartphone

    Your smartphone becomes the key to your home. Your keys still work.

  • Digital keys to share with family, friends, and guests

    Share permanent or temporary digital keys and revoke them as easily with the app.

  • InHome access for deliveries and services

    Groceries, parcels and InHome services safely delivered inside your home.

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What our users are saying

"Love the quality of the lock. You can really feel that it's well built. Installation went very easy."

"Convenient product and great customer service!"

"The new lock is awesome! Have used the first version and was happy with it although the update fixed the all the issues there where. Have just order another 2 locks."

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