Leader Stories: Get to know our Marketing Director, Iain Walters

Mar 12, 2021
Inside Glue
Felicia Thelin
Iain, tell us who you are and what you do:

I run the marketing team, which covers everything from advertising. Growth and retention, to design brand and web. I’ve worked in a load of big firms like P&G, Google and BT, hypergrowths’ like King and non-profits like Pride in London.

Describe your personality in 4 words:

Quirky, Restless. Pragmatic. Passionate.

Summarise what you are trying to achieve in one snappy sentence:

Make sure as many people as possible know about Glue, get to experience it, and love using Glue so much they stay with us.

And why do you love what you do?

Marketing is all about understanding people, and I love bringing the perspective of the people who use or could potentially use, our products into every conversation. 

Tell us about your biggest achievement to date, don’t be shy:

At Glue? Rebranding the company and launching a new product in a 6-week sprint, during a pandemic, with a team who has never met face to face, is up there for me! Outside of Glue, my work at Pride in London where I rebranded all the idents of Channel 4 and did a takeover of the Piccadilly Circus main screen are some of my happiest memories.

Who are you looking for when hiring into the marketing team?

I’m looking for people who can add something to the culture and experience of the team. Maybe that’s through new skills, maybe it’s from fresh perspectives, but always with a focus on making things better for people who use our products.

Lastly, on the top of your head, what’s Glue’s culture in 1 sentence?

Hackathon meets ABBA Karaoke night.

If you’re interested in learning more about open positions, either in Marketing or other areas of Glue Home, visit our career page! Or pop over an open application to work@gluehome.co