Leader Stories: Get to know our CFO, Luisa Orre

Mar 18, 2021
Inside Glue
Felicia Thelin
Luisa, tell us who you are and what you do:

Hi! I’m the CFO here at Glue and I manage all things Finance, Fundraising and People.

Describe a day in the Glue office:

First, I have a stand up with my team, followed by a meeting with the Leadership team and then anything from a number of topics: meetings with shareholders, investors, OKRs, financial forecasts and problem solving any cross-functional/company challenges as well as building business cases for potential opportunities. My main work tools are Google Hangout, Excel and Powerpoint. 

Describe your personality and what you like:

I like to have fun, speak my mind, things to happen quickly and variation - I really enjoy new challenges. 

And why do you love what you do?

I love my team and Glue team as a whole. It’s exciting to work with intelligent, driven and truly kind people who are experts across lots of different functions. Before Glue, I worked in a consultancy where everyone had the same role, and now I work with great marketers, customer service, hardware and software people to name a few. I love what we are building: I think our bold vision could make a lot of people’s lives easier and have a very real impact on the environment.

Tell us about your biggest achievement to date, don’t be shy:

Introducing OKRs at Glue. It has taken some time to get right but finally feels like it’s a useful way to gather the team around common goals and be transparent across the teams on what we are all working on. 

Who are you looking for when hiring into the People & Finance team?

Somebody who believes in what we are trying to build and someone who we would really like to work with. A good cultural fit is important. 

Tell us a bit more about Finance at Glue:

We are the Nexus of the team. We see everything that happens in the business in different ways: finance is involved in how we make money, how we grow customers, what we invest in. In a way, it’s the engine of Glue. 

Lastly, off the top of your head, How would you describe Glue’s culture in 2 words?

Open and inclusive. 

If you’re interested in learning more about open positions, either in Finance, People or other areas of Glue Home - visit our career page! Or pop over an open application to work@gluehome.com.