Deliveries inside your door

Forget about wasting time waiting for deliveries, going to pick-up points  or carrying heavy bags from the supermarket. Glue InHome gets all your deliveries where they should be - in your home.

Now available in Stockholm!

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How to get InHome Delivery

1. Get a Glue Lock and download the Glue InHome app

Choose one of the two offers available to get your Glue Lock -- we’ll install it for you for free. Download the Glue InHome app and sign up. Once you create your free InHome account you will be assigned a unique user name and Glue Address.

2. Shop in any online store using your Glue InHome user name and address

Shop in any online store as usual and simply replace your name and home delivery address with your Glue InHome user name and address in the checkout process. We will receive all your parcels and let you know as soon as we receive them.

For  grocery deliveries from MatHem, just use your name and home address and select Glue in-fridge delivery at the checkout.

3. Pick a delivery date for your items

Once we receive your items, we’ll send you a notification for you to choose an in-home delivery date. You can continue to shop in any store before your chosen delivery date and everything will be delivered on the same date for the same price.  For in-fridge deliveries from MatHem you will choose your delivery date in the normal checkout flow on

4. We safely deliver into your home

Our drivers use a one time access key to complete your InHome delivery. All InHome deliveries are insured and filmed for you to watch on the Glue InHome app. You stay in control at all times.

Welcome home to a full fridge and parcels inside your door!

Groceries delivered straight into your fridge

Imagine coming home from work and finding that your shopping is already done, and the groceries have already been put away. Thanks to Mathem and Glue, groceries online have never been easier.

Parcels past your doorstep

We all know how frustrating it is to come home, only to realize you have to go back out to the post office. We’ve partnered with Bring to make deliveries easier. With a Glue Smart Lock, trusted couriers will be able to leave your packages safely in your home, ready to greet you when you come home.

Always protected in case something unexpected happens

Glue offers InHome insurance when using your Glue lock for InHome deliveries of packages and food deliveries. The insurance applies when your Glue lock is used within a delivery of a supplier in your home, in which case you're protected if an accident occurs.
The insurance covers damages and theft up to 100 000 SEK and is without excess.

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What our users are saying

"This is so good. I will always use InFridge from now on!"

"A very smooth solution that makes me save a lot of time in everyday life. Keep developing this awesome solution!"

"At first it felt a bit scary to let someone in my house but the feeling of getting home to a full fridge was so nice that I would definitely order InFridge again."

What's included with Glue

  • An award-winning Glue Smart Lock & Wi-fi Hub

    Install the Glue Smart Lock and the Wi-fi Hub to open your door from anywhere.

  • Lock and unlock your door with your smartphone

    Your smartphone becomes the key to your home. Your keys still work.

  • Digital keys to share with family, friends, and guests

    Share permanent or temporary digital keys and revoke them as easily with the app.

  • InHome access for deliveries and services

    Groceries, parcels and InHome services safely delivered inside your home.

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