Deliveries inside your door

Forget about wasting time waiting for deliveries, going to pick-up points  or carrying heavy bags from the supermarket. Glue InHome gets all your deliveries where they should be - in your home.

Now available in Stockholm!

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How to get InHome Delivery

1. Get a Glue Lock and download the Glue InHome app

Choose one of the two offers available to get your Glue Lock -- we’ll install it for you for free. Download the Glue InHome app and sign up. Once you create your free InHome account you will be assigned a unique user name and Glue Address.

2. Shop in any online store using your Glue InHome user name and address

Shop in any online store as usual and simply replace your name and home delivery address with your Glue InHome user name and address in the checkout process. We will receive all your parcels and let you know as soon as we receive them.

For  grocery deliveries from MatHem, just use your name and home address and select Glue in-fridge delivery at the checkout.

3. Pick a delivery date for your items

Once we receive your items, we’ll send you a notification for you to choose an in-home delivery date. You can continue to shop in any store before your chosen delivery date and everything will be delivered on the same date for the same price.  For in-fridge deliveries from MatHem you will choose your delivery date in the normal checkout flow on

4. We safely deliver into your home

Our drivers use a one time access key to complete your InHome delivery. All InHome deliveries are insured and filmed for you to watch on the Glue InHome app. You stay in control at all times.

Welcome home to a full fridge and parcels inside your door!

Get started with InHome Delivery!

Currently only available in the Stockholm area. We offer you two limited-time offers to best suit your preference.

MatHem special offer

Buy your groceries with MatHem and get a free Glue Lock when you commit to a minimum of 4 orders within 3 months with a total minimum spend of 3.000kr.*

  • Free Glue lock

    with FREE installation

  • Free in-fridge deliveries


  • 1 free InHome delivery

    with no limit on included items

Choose this offer

Subject to Glue InHome and terms and conditions.

Glue InHome special offer

Get your Glue Lock without any commitments or minimum spend. Just sign up and start shopping!

  • Glue Lock for 1.599kr

    with free installation

  • Free in-fridge deliveries


  • 3 free InHome deliveries

    with no limit on included items, then 69kr

Choose this offer

Subject to Glue InHome terms and conditions.

Already own a Glue Lock?

Download the Glue InHome app now and get unlimited free MatHem in-fridge deliveries when you sign up.

You stay in control

Approve and revoke access through the InHome app. See exactly when your door is unlocked and locked again. View videos of every delivery.

Trained drivers and insurance for peace of mind

All delivery drivers working for Glue have been vetted, trained and follow strict protocols. Should something ever go wrong, our insurance parter Länsförsäkringar will cover it for you.* (Terms & conditions by Länsförsäkringar  and Glue apply)

Secure award winning technology

The Glue Lock has won multiple innovation awards and is regularly tested by leading security companies to always keep you safe.

Ready to get started with InHome?

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Frequently asked questions

What is a Glue address?

The Glue Address is a unique username and address that is generated for you when you create an account in the InHome delivery app. You shop online as normal and instead of entering your personal details, you enter your Glue username and address. When the parcel arrives at our warehouse the username helps us to identify that the parcel is meant for you.

How much do InHome deliveries cost?

What items are eligible for InHome Delivery?

Is my door compatible?

How does the Glue Lock installation work?

If I don’t own my home, do I need permission from my landlord to install a Glue Lock?

If I have a pet how can I safely use Glue InHome?

Can I use InHome Delivery if I have a security system or alarm?

Any more questions?