Your parcels delivered into your home with InHome Delivery

Get your online orders delivered straight into your hallway instead of having to go to different post offices or to wait at home for your home delivery to arrive. 

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How you make an InHome Delivery - step by step

Shop online - choose home delivery

Place your order at an online store that has Bring as a delivery partner. It is important that you choose to have your package home delivered to be able to make it into an InHome Delivery.

Confirm the InHome Delivery

If you live in the InHome Delivery area you will get a notification in the Glue app that you can change your order into an InHome Delivery. You just click on the message to confirm the change.

Approve an encrypted onetime key

Next you will get a notification in the Glue app to approve the encrypted one-time key that is active only during the time of the delivery. 

You will get notifications before and after the delivery, and also a video receipt when the delivery is done and your door is locked.

These are the shops you can get an
InHome Delivery from

Get your Glue Lock

Do you want to get InHome Deliveries but don’t have a Glue Lock yet?

Do you also want to be a Glue InHome Partner?

Wouldn't it be great if your company could provide a better service with more efficient home deliveries to your customers? 

With Glue InHome Delivery home deliveries become a better experience for companies, couriers and customers. Deliveries can be made when the customer isn't home and you can therefore make more and better planned deliveries in one day.

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