Glue Lock General

How is a Glue lock powered?

How does the Glue lock connect to the internet?

What do I do if my smartphone runs out of battery?

Glue Lock Installation

How do I know if Glue can be installed on my current lock?

Glue is compatible with regular Scandinavian locks. This includes locks that only have a thumb turn on the inside of the door, and those that have a thumb turn and key. If you are not sure if your lock is compatible please contact us at, +46 10 888 68 68 or answer a few questions in this form to get the answer instantaneously.

Glue Lock Usage

My hub is not connected. What do I do?

To reset your Glue hub, follow these steps (factory reset)

1) Check that your hub's serial number doesn't already exist in your Glue app under "Manage Wi-Fi Hubs". If it does, tap the Reset Hub button.

2) Plug the hub in and, using a pencil or similar, press-and-hold the light on the hub until the light goes out and then starts flashing fast. Release the button.

3) Wait for three seconds, then press-and-release the button. This will restart the hub and the light will start flashing slowly, indicating that the hub is ready to be installed.

4) Restart the Glue app, ensuring both your phone's Bluetooth and WiFi are enabled.

5) Go to "Manage Wi-Fi Hubs" again and select "Install a new Wi-Fi Hub".

6) Follow the steps in the Glue app to reinstall the hub. Note that after you've selected your WiFi network, the installation process can take a while, so wait for the app to tell you it's done. The hub has been installed successfully when its LED stops flashing. If the Glue app reports an error but the LED has stopped flashing, check that the hub doesn't exist in the app, which would indicate that the installation actually succeeded.

More details here: and here


I've forgotten my password, how do I reset it?

I have a new phone number / email address. How do I link it to my Glue account?

How do I connect my Glue Smart Lock to my smartphone?

What permissions do the people I invite receive?

How do I recall digital keys?

My guest did not get my digital key invitation. What's wrong?

How do I enable / disable notifications in the Glue app?

It feels like I am turning the thumbturn against the motor. What do I do?

InHome Delivery

What do I do if I have pets at home?

General questions

How can I get in touch with customer support?

Answers to most questions can be found here on the website under Support. If you do not find an answer to your question, please feel free to contact us. You can reach us at or on +46 10 888 68 68.