Frequently asked questions

Common questions, answered.

How is a Glue Smart Lock powered?

What do I do if my smartphone runs out of battery?

I have a new phone. How does that affect my Glue Smart Lock?

I've forgotten my password, how do I reset it?

How do I know if Glue can be installed on my current lock?

How do I connect my Glue Smart Lock to my smartphone?

What permissions do the people I invite receive?

How do I share digital keys?

How do I recall digital keys?

My guest did not get my digital key invitation. What's wrong?

How do I enable / disable notifications in the Glue app?

What are InHome events?

How can I get in touch with customer support?

What’s included in the Glue subscription?

It feels like I am turning the thumbturn against the motor. What do I do?