Services through your front door

The Glue ecosystem will unlock a world of new possibilities.

The Glue Ecosystem

Imagine coming home and your groceries have been delivered to the fridge, your dry cleaning is in the closet, and fresh flowers are on the living room table together with the package from your favourite online store. All conveniently delivered while you were out. The Glue ecosystem will unlock a world of new possibilities.

Groceries — Delivered straight into your fridge

Imagine coming home from work and finding that your shopping is already done, and the groceries have already been put away.
Thanks to Mathem and Glue, groceries online have never been easier.

Parcels past your doorstep

We all know how frustrating it is to come home, only to realize you have to go back out to the post office.
We’ve partnered with Post Nord and Bring to make deliveres easier. With a Glue Smart Lock, trusted couriers will be able to leave your packages safely in your home, ready to greet you when you come home.

Coming soon

Come home to a spotless house

Whether you want regular cleanings, or just the occasional help with a deep clean, our trusted home cleaning services can help you out. Don’t worry about being at home to greet the cleaner, or making a copy of your keys. With Glue, they’ll have access just when they need it — and you stay in full control.

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Let Fido out to play

No more giving out keys to strangers. With Glue, you can give your dog walker a digital key instead. They will be able to come get Fido at the agreed upon time.

2490 SEK

Glue Smart Kit

Glue Smart Lock enables your smartphone to lock and unlock your door, create digital keys for guests and keep track of who comes and goes at anytime.

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