Unlock your smart home

Glue Smart Kit for your existing standard lock.

  • Unlock your door remotely
  • Share digital keys with friends and family
  • Get notifications whenever someone uses your lock
  • Protected with industry standard encryption


Glue replaces your physical key with an app. You can give out permanent or temporary digital keys in an instant and revoke access privileges as easily. Get instant notifications when someone unlocks or locks your door.


Remote Locking / Unlocking

All IOS and Android mobile devices that support Bluetooth 4.0 can lock and unlock the Glue Smart Lock from a distance up to 15 meters. With the optional Glue Wi-Fi Hub installed, you can operate your door from anywhere in the world.

App Controlled Access Rights

Distribute permanent, temporary and routine digital keys to your contacts through the app. The app will register all accounts of usage in a digital log and will send you instant notifications every time the Glue Smart Lock is put to use.

Retrofit Solution

The Glue Smart Lock fits existing Scandinavian lock types.

Convenient Functionality

Save time with Glue's clever features. Double tap the thumb turn to trigger self-timer locking for when you leave.


Smart access control to your home, intelligent alerts and secure encrypted technology give you greater peace of mind. No more worries about losing your keys, managing extra keys for guests and hiding keys under the mat.

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The Smart Lock is more than just a digital key. Learn how Glue can save you time with day to day tasks.

What's included in your Glue Smart Kit?

Smart Lock: A retrofit smart lock that you mount on your existing Swedish lock on the inside of your door to lock and unlock using your mobile phone

Wi-Fi Hub: Connects to your wi-fi so that you can unlock your door remotely, anywhere in the world

2490 SEK

Glue Smart Kit

Glue Smart Lock enables your smartphone to lock and unlock your door, create digital keys for guests and keep track of who comes and goes at anytime.

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