the app

Allow Glue to become your digital concierge that helps plan your life. Schedule access to the cleaner and have Glue inform the delivery personnel where to place your package once they arrive at your doorstep. Manage the whole concept of access through one convenient app, creating a daily organiser for your home.


Just like a regular key, Glue allows you to unlock the door. Unlike a regular key, however, Glue lets you open from a distance. Let your family and friends into your home from anywhere with remote Bluetooth and Wi-Fi door control.

Digital Keys

With Glue, the terms of access are completely up to you. You can give out permanent, temporary or one-shot keys through text messages and revoke key privileges just as easily.


Glue will not leave you out of the loop when it comes to your home's security. The app’s digital log instantly notifies you on who comes and goes and with remote Wi-Fi access you can control your door from anywhere in the world. With Glue, you manage and control access to your home through your smartphone, which keeps you from ever worrying about unaccounted physical keys.

The Glue App